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Holiday Hound House boarding and day care in Gilbert, AZ.
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Day Care Requirements

As with boarding, keeping our day care quests healthy is very important too. All pups must be current on the following mandatory immunizations:
DHPP (distemper/parvo)-within current year
Bordetella (kennel cough)-within current year
Rabies - current within 1st year puppies/wintin 3 years adult
Flea/Tick treatment is mandatory from April through October.
    If you cannot provide evidence of the treatment we will administer one for a nominal charge of $10 per dog.

A copy of your pet's health record must be received prior to starting their first day.

All male dogs must be neutered over the age of six months. Any unspayed females cannot attend while they are in heat. Any female exhibiting signs will be sent home or crated until she can be picked up. We cannot be held accountable if your female bitch becomes pregnant while here.

Dogs must be evaluated before being accepted for day care if they have not been here for boarding. Please call to schedule an appointment.

A first time registration form detailing important information about your dog(s) is also required along with our Authorization and Release Form.

You can fill these forms out at the time of evaluation. Or for your convenience you can do them on-line.

All day care MUST be by appointment only. Due to very limited space NO DROP INS please!

Pick up requirements:
Day guests not picked up by the end of the day will be checked in for the night and charged a full nights lodging in addition to the day care rate.

All half day guests must be picked up by noon. After 12:30pm a full days rate is charged.

All full day quests must be picked up by noon. After 12:30 pm a fee is charged for every 15 minutes up until 7pm. After 7pm the camper will be checked in for boarding (see above).

No Shows or Late Cancellations:
Because we have very limited space and turn other day guests away when we are booked, no refunds are given for missed days or cancellations under 48 hours.

If we have not received a prepayment, then we will bill you for the time you are absent and did not cancel in a timely manner.

Friendly Reminder:
Any time dogs play together there is the possibility of injury from rough play or combative behavior. We take every precaution to prevent injury, but scratches, bites and other trauma may occur, as may the transmission of parasites such as worms. Similar risks occur any time that your dog is around other animals. It is advisable to ensure that your do is on a de-worming protocol with your veterinarian. Just like human children in day care, risks of upper respiratory infections occur in group play at dog parks, on the sidewalk or at Holiday Hound House.

3415 South 157th Street
Gilbert, AZ  85296
Phone: (480) 664-0885
Fax:  (480) 812-2905
Email:  info@vipboardingandpetsitting.com