H oliday
H ound
H ouse

The Best Little Kennel In Arizona
Almost Like Home


Kennel Photo Tour

Meadow west view & owners' residence

Meadow front-south view

Meadow west view & owners' residence

Meadow east view

Entrance to kennel facility

Knock, knock - I'm here for the weekend

Back view of kennel facility

Gravel play yard

Front entrance - office area

Front entrance, waiting area


This way to Holiday Hound House

Sometimes we get to stay on the sofa

Sometimes we don't

Treat time is the best time

Long view of kennel suites area.

Kennel suites - individual panels separate each one

Kennel suites - notice the window for outside viewing

I want to stay at Holiday Hound House too!

3415 South 157th Street
Gilbert, AZ  85296
Phone: (480) 664-0885
Email:  info@vipboardingandpetsitting.com