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The Best Little Kennel In Arizona
Almost Like Home


Holiday Hound House boarding and day care in Gilbert, AZ.
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Boarding Information

Holiday Hound House is a unique kennel for dogs nestled on one and one half acres on the border between Chandler and Gilbert where horses, cows, sheep, donkeys and chickens are every day sights and sounds...a little bit of country in the city.

The owner, Deborah Mullen, lives on-site and oversees all aspects of the facility assuring 24-hour supervision, 7 days a week.

Safety, comfort and companionship are our main goals. We believe in catering to the needs of our "charges" and try to meet the requests of their owners. Therefore, Holiday Hound House has a very limited number of "kennel suites" in order to ensure that each pup will receive personalized, loving care from the owners and their personally chosen staff. We know that it is stressful for any dog to be away from his family no matter what the environment so we strive to fill the gap left by your absence with lots of interaction between the animals and ourselves. After all, your precious pets are special to us too!

The building is climate controlled, filled with soft music and state of the art suites. Each kennel suite has isolation panels that provide a solid barrier between runs eliminating cross contaminations and line fighting, thus contributing to a calmer, quieter and more private atmosphere. Each run has a raised floor system made of thick polypropylene plastic. It is non-conducive to heat and cold. Therefore it maintains a consistent temperature and is also soft and flexible on their paws. The floor also allows air to circulate freely, providing a dry and comfortable environment.

In addition, each kennel suite has a ground level window that allows natural sunny light in - a room with a view! Add a soft blanket and special all natural treats given twice daily for the ultimate " almost like home" experience.

But the pride of Holiday House House is the beautiful full fenced quarter acre meadow where your dog, under watchful eyes, can romp and enjoy group play or individual exercise twice per day at no additional charge. In warm weather we provide play pools, sprinklers and sun canopies to enhance their summertime pleasure. To end the day on a cool note, homemade lactose free ice cream treats are served.

Our routine is to get every pet up our early in the morning for their first potty break of the day. Then some are taken back into their kennels for breakfast, while others enjoy time to play in the meadow. After that, we rotate them, bringing those who haven't eaten inside with those that have their exercise period. A brief potty break is offered again around lunchtime and then afternoon play rounds out the active day. All pets spend the rest of the evening in their suites, relaxing from a hard day at play. In the summertime, the afternoon schedule is adjusted so that they exercise more toward evening as the sun is setting and eat their dinner earlier. The last potty break is given before final lights out wherein the owners retire to their own "suites".

Why choose any ordinary boarding facility for your loving, faithful friend when you can give them the BEST LITTLE KENNEL IN ARIZONA!

Please call today to make an appointment to come by for a tour. We love showing it off.

3415 South 157th Street
Gilbert, AZ  85296
Phone: (480) 664-0885
Email:  info@vipboardingandpetsitting.com