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Medical History / Vaccinations
Written proof of current required vaccinations and flea/tick treatment from your veterinarian is required. Your vet can email, fax or mail proof prior to your visit. We recommend that vaccinations be administered at least 3 days prior to pet’s stay. We will treat with flea/tick preventative at check in, for a fee, if your pet has not been treated within the last 30 days.

Any medical history, recent or chronic, that we should be aware of? Please indicate below.

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Personality / Behavior
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Does your pet enjoy playing with people? What activities?

Does your pet enjoy playing with other animals?

Is your pet an ‘escape artist’ i.e., opening doors, wiggling out of cages, jumping over fences? If yes, please explain about the events.

If you want your pet spending exercise time in ‘group play’, do you have any concerns or requests?  
(N/A for Day Care Guests)

Please list anything that your pet is afraid of, i.e., thunder storms, hats, big people, etc.

Please list any other information you feel is necessary for us to know about your pet in order to ensure and safe and happy stay while boarding at Holiday Hound House including any special instructions or requests.

3415 South 157th Street
Gilbert, AZ  85296
Phone: (480) 664-0885
Fax:  (480) 812-2905
Email:  info@vipboardingandpetsitting.com