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GENERAL TERMS: VIP Holiday Hound House agrees to exercise due and reasonable care and to keep the kennel premises sanitary and properly enclosed. Animals will be fed properly and regularly and housed in clean, safe quarters. VIP Holiday Hound House is without liability for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, other pets, or property by said animals, or other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care having been exercised for all pets that are boarded, or otherwise handled or cared for at this facility. Treatment for the prevention of fleas and ticks is required. You may submit proof of recent treatment (current for the month of service) with your vaccination records or we will treat at the owner’s expense. If the animal is NOT picked up within ten (10) days after designated date for discharge, the animal will be assumed abandoned and will be put up for adoption or sold at the discretion of VIP Holiday Hound House. Notice in writing of such action shall be mailed by registered letter to the owner of the pet at the address given hereon, no less than ten (10) days before the date of sale or adoption. No further notice shall be deemed necessary. Any and all fees collected for the sale or adoption shall belong to VIP Holiday Hound House.

VIP Holiday Hound House charges for boarding by the day. Checkout time is 12:00 PM. Any pet picked up before 12:00 PM will not be charged for the day of pick-up. Any pet picked up after 12:00 PM will be charged for that day. All pets departing on a Sunday WILL BE charged for that day regardless of time.

VIP Holiday Hound House requires a $50 deposit for HOLIDAY boarding. Reservations must be cancelled at least 7 DAYS prior to check-in time to qualify for refund of deposit.

MEDICATION/VETERINARY TREATMENT RELEASE: VIP Holiday Hound House has the right to use discretion to give medication or other advisable attention when necessary for the safety and health of the animal. VIP Holiday Hound House shall have the right to call a veterinarian or transport the animal to an emergency care of its choice at the owner’s expense. If your pet needs medical care, we will seek veterinary treatment immediately and contact you as soon as possible. Pet owner is responsible for all payments for medical care regardless of cost, and whether you have been reached for specific instruction or not. You are giving VIP Holiday Hound House authority to make medical decisions regarding your pet; and agreeing to pay for any and all costs incurred for said treatment. This release applies to pets at VIP Holiday Hound House for any purpose, including but not limited to boarding, grooming, daycare, and training.

GERIATRIC RELEASE: Older pets may experience additional stress in the boarding, training or grooming environment. VIP Holiday Hound House is dedicated to providing exceptional care for all special needs pets, including geriatric animals. Your signature acknowledges that you are aware of any age-related risks to your dog and acknowledge that it is VIP Holiday Hound House’s policy to always treat and/or transport any dog in medical distress. We DO NOT offer a ‘do not resuscitate’ option for any pet staying here regardless of age.

GROUP PLAY AUTHORIZATION: Group play is for dogs that interact well with other dogs. VIP Holiday Hound House provides sufficient staff to monitor groups of pets and screens all dogs prior to entry into group play. Any time dogs play together there is the possibility of injury from rough play or combative behavior. We take every precaution to prevent injury, but scratches, bites and other trauma may occur, as may the transmission of parasites such as worms. Similar risks occur any time that your dog is around other animals. It is advisable to ensure that your dog is on a deworming protocol with your veterinarian. Just like human children in daycare, risks of upper respiratory infections occur in group play at dog parks, on the sidewalk or at VIP Holiday Hound House. Your signature acknowledges that you are aware of the risks involved with any canine group activity, that you agree to hold VIP Holiday Hound House harmless for the associated risks and are authorizing your dog to enter into group play.

I want my dog to participate in group play:
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This contract is for no specific stay and will remain in force for all of the pet’s visits to VIP Holiday Hound House, for any services including but not limited to boarding, grooming, daycare or training. And it is the owner’s responsibility to notify VIP Holiday Hound House of any pertinent changes including but not limited to address, telephone numbers, veterinarian or emergency contact.

I hereby agree to the foregoing as the owner of the above-mentioned pet(s).
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